I want to tell you about a truly unique opportunity in Ventura County Calif.

How many times do we have the opportunity to learn from a truly world class expert in any thing? Here in Ventura County Calif more specifically in Oxnard California we have a world class athlete. Jody Sasaki a 10-time World Champion!

Sifu Sasaki teaches from his studio:
Sasaki Kenpo Karate
3000 Paseo Mercado #110
Oxnard, CA 93030

Phone: 805-981-4333
Fax: 805-981-9916

This isn’t your normal martial arts studio, there is something going on all the time!
Ok there is the stuff you would expect, they teach a version of American Kenpo Karate and for us traditionalists they are true to the style however they aren’t locked into the system, they also teach some judo, boxing basics, and grappling and traditional weapons.

They have classes for
Little Dragons...AGE 4-6
A Children's program focused on discipline, respect, self control and self confidence as well as being a fun and innovative class.

Children's Martial Arts...AGE 7-13
Focused on discipline, respect, self control and self confidence as well as overall development of skills.

Adult Martial Arts: AGES 13 and up
Designed to challenge both physically and mentally as well as develop fitness and self defense skills.

XMA...Xtreme Martial Arts is a fusion of different styles and skills focusing on speed, power, high intensity, stamina. A blend of Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Acrobatics and high flying moves. This class was recently featured on the Discovery Channel.

These are the basics classes you might expect at many studios but this studio goes well beyond the basics there are sparing classes, combat classes, kickboxing for fitness classes.  Then there is the studio’s well known Demo team.


Then there are frequent workshops and seminars from both in house teachers and from other world renowned athletes.   The upper belt graduation is a two hour martial arts extravaganza showcasing 10 to 20 athletes who after a year or more of study have prepared for graduation by participating in a grueling 6 week pretest reminiscent of boot camp. This graduation culminates in a show put on for family and friends that is reminiscent of great martial arts movies!  It’s a free show that shouldn’t be missed call them up and ask them when their next graduation is!  Some recent workshops included Competition Training, Women’s Self Defense, Know and Grow for Kids, Weapons Workshop, Techniques and Forms Workshop


But the best thing about this school is the people, the students are great they quickly become family, they have a very large studio and a large number of students, they also have a large staff of dedicated, experienced and caring instructors.  In the adult classes it is not unusual to have 20 students on the floor for many classes, it is also not unusual to have 5 or more qualified instructors.  To find out more check out their website at www.sasakikenpo.com


Sifu Sasaki annually sponsors two Martial Arts tournaments one in Ventura the California Coast Martial Arts Championship www.calcoastchampionships.com/ and one in Las Vegas the “Duel in the Desert” www.desertduel.com


Sifu Jody’s is more than just a martial artist he is just a great person I have seen him motivate his students to generate funds for scholarships, to help victims of disasters and families suffering from tragedy.

Sifu Jody also provides a number of self defense programs for people that don’t want to study martial arts. 



And his CANI groups Constant and never ending improvement provide appropriate workous for all fitness levels combined with goal planning, team building and sensible diet planning have helped hundreds of people finally get into shape!

Other programs offered at the studio include, Qi-GONG, Senior Strength Training, Private Fitness Training, Komat Kickboxing

About the Owner...
Jody Sasaki, a city of Oxnard native, is the owner and operator of Sasaki's Kenpo Karate.
Mr. Sasaki is 10 time National Black Belt League World Champion. He has achieved many accomplishments and has won numerous competitions including being a 4x Champion at Ed Parkers International Karate Championships.
Mr. Sasaki has also appeared in various motion pictures including The Master, Bloodfist V, Ninja Boy, and Red Sun Rising.  He has been featured in a series of Martial Arts Instructional DVD's by Black Belt Life. www.blackbeltlife.com

Men, Women and Children of all ages participate in our self defense programs. Regardless of age, size, or current abilities everyone can enjoy the benefits of our programs. Our school offers numerous programs to choose from.
Everyone is WELCOME.


I have been studying under Sifu Sasaki for 3 years now, I have studied martial arts from a number of studio’s over the years and I can say without a doubt that this is the best school I have ever been a part of.

I encourage anyone considering the martial arts, kenpo, karate, kempo or who just want to set some fitness goals or are looking for a dedicated sport karate studio in Ventura County to consider Sifu Sasaki’s Kenpo Karate studio.

By the way the studio is huge it is the largest Martial Arts and Fitness Center in Ventura County.  He is located in Oxnard California very close to the 101 freeway and is close to both Camarilo and Ventura.